artist Jamie Horter
Jamie Horter is a rural advocate, small town artist, and community coach based out of Lyons, NE (pop. 850). She works primarily in rural places and believes in the power of art to shape and enhance quality of life in rural communities.

She created her first public work at the age of 10 when she was commissioned to paint a mural in the elementary hallway of her hometown school. Then and now, her works are inclusive and community centered, often engaging rural citizens in the design process as co-creators.

Jamie uses art to create opportunities for everyday citizens to become more engaged in the conversations and decisions impacting their communities. Her work brings community members into discussions and actions around citizen-led community development.

Her site-specific projects are interdisciplinary, intergenerational, inclusive, and invite community collaborators.

For project and speaking inquiries, contact Jamie using the form below or at: