Every time two or more people gather they are creating a world together. It is completely unique, shaped by everyone who participates. What kind of world are you looking to create together?

Facilitation puts intention into the world that is being created when people gather. It is used to assist groups and make their processes easier. The facilitation practices I offer can help you do any of the following:

Retreat well
Build an inclusive experience
Hold space for important conversations
Thoughtfully reflect
Add energy and pizzazz (because work can also be fun)
Learn how to host your own meeting
Make collective meaning
Be creative together

Get Strategic
Plan for the future
Think divergently and brainstorm
Get clear on the current reality
Vision what could be
Craft goals and action plans
Make decisions together

These are general examples because every facilitation is customized to your exact needs. When we work together, we start with the basics. We’ll talk about your community of people gathering, what you wish to do, your goals, and the timeline. Everything is then designed uniquely for that time, purpose, and group.


How does it work?

I spend a lot of time building experiences that feel open, safe to participate in, and welcoming. Creating safer and more accessible spaces for all participants is a priority in how I design.

Online Facilitation. Since March of 2020 I’ve focused on developing facilitative practices that make online gatherings easy and highly engaging. I use visual facilitation and a variety of participatory tools and practices to add energy and intrigue. These are highly participatory sessions.

In-person. I design spaces and experiences that help participants lean into a meeting’s purpose and stay engaged together. I take COVID safety seriously and will work with you to design for community care and plan for backup options.

A mix of both. Offering in-person and virtual options for a gathering creates greater accessibility and participation levels. I have developed ways to make this option work smoothly in real time. I can help you get started.


I’m trained in Art of Hosting, Technology of Participation, Open Space Technology, Strategic Doing, Story Circles, Visual Facilitation and Graphic Recording, fine art, and community engagement methods. I am currently learning about trauma-informed practice to bring into my work.

Contact Me

Explore how facilitation can make your meetings better. Contact me at jamie.horter@gmail.com or 402.765.8118.

I love to collaborate with other facilitators. If you’re looking for a co-facilitator or someone to bring graphic recording or visual facilitation to your work, get in touch!


Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design • Women’s Fund of Omaha • National Endowment for the Arts • LISC • Springboard for the Arts • Econic • FES • Sherwood Foundation’s Catalyst Program