Here are some ways Jamie can help you bring art and creativity to your place.

Connect and Collaborate

Designing Creative Projects in Your Community. As a community artist, Jamie can help your community come together to collaborate and enhance your small town. She uses art and facilitation methods for shared dialogue and participation throughout the design process.

This creative work is designed uniquely for your place. Jamie will guide you through a collaborative design process that allows room for all voices to contribute to the end design.

If you want to reimagine what a public space could be, create public art together, and have community members involved in the creative process, get in touch with Jamie using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Fostering Youth Leadership in Your Community. Jamie loves working with youth to do good for their towns. She believes that youth have the capacity to do extraordinary things so long as there’s room for them to have ownership over their ideas. When adults give youth room to step up for their communities, amazing things are possible.

Jamie helps create empowering environments for youth to take action in their communities. If you want to know how you can help youth play a larger role in your community, contact Jamie at the form below.

Speaking at Your Next Event. Whether a keynote or workshop, Jamie can craft a custom talk around your next event. Here are some topic themes she is versed in:

Engaging youth in your community • Importance of art in rural places • Strategies to artistically enhance your community • Designing for rural • Documenting local culture and history through art projects • How to engage your neighbors in civic participation and leadership • Celebrating rural people and places

Hosting Senior Spotlight in Your Town. Are you interested in connecting different generations together? Would you like to preserve some of your town’s history through the eyes of elders? Senior spotlight is a project that brings two generations together: youth and elders. Senior students interview and write narratives about the lives of a local senior citizen. They take portraits of that person too, and their stories and photographs become poster-size art installations for public spaces in your community.

Senior Spotlight is designed specifically for teachers to use in their classrooms, but interested community members can also lead this project.